Monday, October 10, 2016

Who Are You?

So, an annoying thing happened the other day. I looked over to the left sidebar of this here blog, and something was missing. All my blogrolls had disappeared. Gone. Vanished. Crashed.


I know it's possible that most of you don't care about my blogrolls. I don't know if any of you even knew they were there. Maybe you care what sorts of blogs I read, but maybe you don't. So, this may have gone unnoticed by most of you.

But, I use the blogrolls. It's how I see which of the blogs I like have posted recently. It's an easy way for me to remember which ones I've read, and which ones I need to get to. I need my blogrolls.

So, i had to recreate them. There's a problem though. The reason I had the rolls was so I wouldn't have to remember which blogs I wanted to read. With the list gone, it's harder to recreate the list, you know? I have the list of blogs I "follow" through blogger. And, I did look through those. But, there are several blogs I follow that have long stopped posting. Not really excited about adding those back to the blogroll. I also can't "follow" blogs that aren't blogger. That cuts a lot of good choices from the list. (other than those on the BYBHub, of course.)

So, I need your help! As you can see, I have three different blogrolls. One is made up of Red Sox blogs. One is made up of baseball card blogs. The third is "everything" else. That's mostly blogs focused on baseball teams that aren't the Red Sox. (But, there's an occasional personal friend's blog, or friend of the blog's blog that gets some random topics added as well.) At the moment, they're mostly empty. They should be filled.

So, do you write a blog that you think I was reading? Or, a blog that you think I should be reading? Leave a comment with a link to it so I can be reminded of it...or check it out for the first time. You can even let me know which blogroll you think it belongs in. Thus far, I've just been deciding on that for myself.

Sure, there are ways I could research this myself. I can look around, check out other blogrolls, and try to add them that way. And I will do that, but that will take some time. By asking you for help, I not only can find blogs that are probably pretty active, but I can read bloggers who read Section 36. Seems fair.

So, there you go. Who should be added?

Should you?

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