Thursday, October 6, 2016

Pictures Predicting Playoff Performance

Before the playoffs start, it’s customary to make predictions for each series. Not really sure why. Nobody knows who is going to win, and it’s not like anyone has special inside information. But, it’s a fun little post to write. 

Of course, there are any number of ways to analyze a playoff matchup. There’s the position by position checkmarks. One team has a better first baseman, the other team has a better third baseman. Whichever team has the most checks will win the series. Of course, this doesn’t allow for degrees. Is one significantly better in one position, but barely worse in another? That needs to be dealt with.

You could look at metrics. Team defense. Run differential. Fielding percentage. Starter’s ERA. Reliever’s WHIP. You pick the stat, and see who comes out on top. But, which stat is the best? And, if you can decide…where’s the fun in that? If we can all agree that run differential is the master stat, there no more room for discussion. Just look it up. Where’s the fun in that?

So, I’ve decided to branch out a bit, and try a whole new way to predict the Series. 

Which team has had the most fans sport their colors in Section 36 Pics?

Yup. Super-scientific. But, hopefully a little fun. I decided to search through my collection of pictures that have been submitted, and pull out ones displaying gear of the playoff teams. Whichever team has had the most pics submitted clearly has the best fans. The best fans must be fans of the best teams. It’s so clear I’m surprised nobody else has come up with it. I decided to only count it if the gear is actually in the picture. Some of the people that submitted pics I know are fans of specific teams, but if you can’t tell from the picture it doesn’t count. Got it?

So, let’s start it off with the National League. 

Dodgers vs Nationals

Looks like I’m beginning with the dud of the groupings. Not a single person has submitted a picture showing Dodger or Nationals gear. So, as a tiebreaker, I’ll have to go with the “close but no calls”. The white be on the blue background of these hats sure suggests “Brooklyn Dodgers.” 

I don’t think it is, but it’s close. I’ll give it half a point to break the tie. Since it was close, I’ll predict a close series. Dodgers in 5.

Next up: Giants vs Cubs

This is a case where I know I have pictures of a Giants fan, but none of them show Giants gear. So, this one is another close contest with the Cubs supplying the only entry.

Another close match-up suggests another close series. Looks like I’ll go with Cubs in five.

Rangers vs Blue Jays

This one gives us some back and forth. The Rangers are represented by this picture taken in their home ballpark.

But, they had the misfortune of going up against the Blue Jays. Three different Blue Jays fans have submitted pictures. 

If I counted number of pictures as opposed to number of submitters, this one would be even more of a blowout. The clear winner here is the Blue Jays. Looks like they’ll cruise into the ALCS after four games.

Red Sox vs Indians

Once again, the Indians have had a fan submit a picture, but he wasn’t displaying their gear. So, as you might expect, the Indians simply got smoked in this one. They lost the match-up about 36000-0. So, it looks like the Red Sox will have plenty of rest after sweeping the Indians in three games.

So, there you have it. They might as well not even bother playing the games, because we already know who’s going to win.

In this round, at least.

The next round is still up in the air, because new pictures could be submitted. So, if you want your team to win the next round, send in pictures. Go make a “I’d Rather be in Section 36” sign, and take your picture holding it while wearing your team’s gear. Or, print out the Section 36 logo, and hold it in a picture in front of your team’s collectables. Whatever it takes. 

Your team is counting on you!


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