Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dirty Water. In San Francisco.

You may recognize the woman in this picture as Bernadette. Her frequent photo contributions to this blog and its Facebook page have definitely made it a better place to visit. I'm always amazed and flattered with how often Bernadette remembers to take pictures for Section 36. Whether she's at Fenway, or at the gym, or even on the beach in Playa Del Carmen! It's that kind of dedication that makes Bernadette a true Friend of the Blog. I think you should definitely check her out at One Busy Bee and everywhere else she is on social media.

But, Bernadette has another role. She happens to be an Operating Partner and Events Director at "Dirty Water," a restaurant and bar in San Francisco. 

The Red Sox are, obviously, visiting San Francisco this week to play the Giants. Since there may be Red Sox fans visiting the area, we thought it would be a good idea to let people know about Dirty Water. After all, with a name like that, Red Sox fans have to at least stop by. Right?

Just look at some of what Dirty Water has to offer.

52 beers on tap and 100 bottles of wine to choose from! 

So, if you find yourself on Market Street during your time in San Francisco, swing by Dirty Water and give it a looksie. And if you happen to bump into Bernadette while you're there, let her know that you too would often Rather be in Section 36. Oh, and tell her she should wear the Section 36 tank top more.

It looks great on her!

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