Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Many people have a problem when it comes to making a decision. They don't want to make one. They prefer everything is laid out for them. Cut and dry. Black and white. That's why fad diets are so popular. People don't want to think about nutrition. They don't want to compare fats or calories. They just want to know they can't eat any of this, but all they want of that. It's easy. 

It happens in baseball too. One run lead in the ninth inning? Bring in the closer. The manager doesn't need to think. How is the current pitcher doing? Does the closer perform well against the expected batters? Could he use one more day of rest? It's a non-decision. The closer comes in. 

People want to apply the same sensibility to bunting. There are apparently two choices. NEVER EVER BUNT! and Move the runner over when you can! Of course, decisions are never that easy. I admit, that I personally am very close to the never bunt side. It seems crazy to me to give up an out if you don't have to. I've said many times, the mantra for the defense always is "If they're going to give you an out make sure you take it." So, if the defense is giddy over the fact that they're getting a free out, why should the offense be so eager to give them away. 

But, I do see times when the bunt has merit. For starters, I'm generally OK with a batter trying to bunt for a base hit. Especially David Ortiz. I think he should bunt at least once a game. I'm OK if Hanley wants to try to drop one in. I'm even OK when Xander tries it. What weird to me is that I seem put off when a speedster tries it with men on base. I feel like they're being a bit selfish. Trying for the base whiteout knowing that if they're thrown out the sacrifice will bail them out. Seems selfish. So, I guess Xander was close.

Even the sacrifice has its moments. It all depends on the situation. I usually think it's pretty foolish to bunt a guy over to third base. After all, he's already in scoring position. Why not just take three chances to try and get a hit? But, if it's later in the game, the infield will probably play in with a guy at third. If the hitters coming up are struggling, or the bottom of the order, giving them some extra real estate to try and sneak a grounder through might not be a bad idea. There are lots of factors involved. And a lot to think about.

Managers can't just use a cheat sheet.


  1. I HATE bunting. Of course being a Pirates you get your fair share with pitchers hitting. The only other time I think it can be useful is for the guys getting the extreme shifts. This is especially true if the team is down a couple of runs.

    1. I will allow it for the pitchers. Since they should never have a bat in their hands, I can understand just trying to get something...anything...out of them. I definitely think it should be used against the shifts a lot more than it is.


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