Wednesday, May 4, 2016

These 8:10 Starts are the Worst

And, not just because it means I have to wait another hour before Red Sox baseball.

When it comes to the Sox, I have a bit of a schedule. The regular 7:05 starts it into it nicely. I've finished most everything I need to have accomplished by then. It also means that the game will be over early enough that I won't regret it too much in the morning. It's almost like the baseball gods checked with me before scheduling it.

The west coast games, are the opposite. 10:05? What kind of a start time is that? You expect me to hang around for three extra hours waiting for the game to begin? No thank you. And, I know going in that there's no chance to catch the whole game. I'll be lucky if I could make it an inning before really hating myself the next day. So, I don't usually even bother. Just hit the sack at a regular time, and check the results in the morning. Thankfully there aren't a ton of those games...especially ones that end up during the week.

Then there are the 8:10 games. I have to wait a little longer for them, but it's not like it'll kill me. It's really the end time. With the 8:10 start, I can listen to the beginning, again with no regrets. I can get a good six or seven innings in. Last night, it was just a bit more. But, here's the problem. By then I'm into the game. No way am I turning it off with just a couple innings to go. I need to finish it out at that point. So I do. And I regret it the next day. Then I need to do it again. So, those are the killers. Too late to catch it all, but too early to ignore. It's torture.

How about you?

When is your perfect game start time?

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  1. I'm all about the 4pm start time. 7th inning stretch = dinner time


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