Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Did It!

If you've been paying attention, you'll notice that I just finished my personal challenge of posting something every day in April!

I know. I expect the Presidential Proclamation any day now congratulating me.

As much as it was a challenge, though, it was an experiment. Could i do it? Could I do it without tossing out fluff? Could I do it without driving myself crazy? Could I use it to improve the future of the blog?

I hope the answers to the last two are "yes." One of the things I discovered while trying to keep to the schedule is that there are more times in my day that are available for blogging. I had been trying to keep a fairly rigid schedule of posting in the mid afternoon. I'm not really sure why. Most of it had to do with Facebook posts, actually. But, a couple days I missed that goal for one reason or another. That's when I found out that posting later in the day doesn't doom the blog. (I'm sure I already knew that. But, it was just amplified) So, going forward I'll be a little easier on myself if I can't meet my own schedule of events.

I also found myself trying to look for different angles to write about. That was a good mental exercise for future posts. It's a way to think beyond the "The Red Sox played. Hanley is great at first base" monotony that might otherwise creep in. I suppose it's up to all of you to decide if that was a good thing, or not.

Going forward? I won't be posting every day. I actually almost purposely skipped today as a way to illustrate that point. But, I can certainly see myself posting a lot more than I used to. Hopefully that makes all of you pretty excited. Because that was the biggest takeaway for me.

I can write lots of post, and still write good ones.

I hope you agree.


  1. It is pretty difficult to keep up daily posting for an extended period of time. I made it for about three months this year before a work trip interrupted my streak, and there were plenty of days when my content suffered because I was just trying to get something posted before midnight.

  2. Yeah, I can imagine. For me it's the fine line between allowing myself to take a day off without it becoming two or three or five. The schedule certainly got me to convince myself to write more. I just need to hope that's a good thing.


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