Sunday, September 13, 2015

There She Is…Next to Section 36!

As everyone gets ready to watch the Miss America competition this evening, I thought it would be fun to look back at some pictures of previous contestants. Thankfully several of the contestants have been, or are, Red Sox fans and Section 36 has been fortunate enough to have three of them submit pictures to the blog! 

First we have Miss New Hampshire 2013, Samantha Russo. She was nice enough to send in a picture of her with Section 36 while singing God Bless America at Fenway. While she doesn’t know it, I have her to thank for the submissions of the next two pictures. Without linking to her through twitter, I never would have been connected to the next two contestants. Currently Samantha has a couple radio gigs, and is clearly a Pretty Sporty Girl.

Next we have Miss Massachusetts 2014, Lauren Kuhn. This picture was taken after she gave up her crown. I’m greatly appreciative of her for taking time out of her enjoyment of the game to take the picture. Of course, I also owe Lauren a debt of gratitude for being the very first “Visits Section 36” interviewee! It was a wonderful experience, and has been a very popular post.

Finally, we have the most recent pic. Alayna Westcom is the current Miss Vermont 2015. She will be competing tonight for the Miss America crown! Naturally, I wish her the best of luck. You should also remember that she was the second “Visitor” interview. She followed Lauren’s lead by giving a great interview, and providing another very popular post. She sent in a picture of her posing, along with Miss Vermont’s Outstanding Teen Sophia Parker, in front of Section 36 as part of Vermont Day festivities this season.

So I want to send a huge thank you to all three of them! Hopefully there are more pics to come from even more contestants. And, with any luck, Alayna will have already provided the first visit from Miss America.

Good luck tonight Alayna!

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