Monday, September 28, 2015

Frank Thomas Live

I realized it’s been a while since I flipped though the scorecards. I decided it was time to see how another player performed in games I attended. This time I went with Hall of Famer Frank Thomas. With a long American League career, including some time in the AL East, I assumed I could get a decent sample of his games.

Here’s how Thomas did while I was in the park.

Six games. Not bad, really, for a visiting player. It’s no Derek Jeter. Or, even Paul Konerko. But, it’s a nice little sample. Unfortunatley for Frank, two of those games were against Pedro Martinez. Those games will bring down anyone’s overall numbers.

Which it must have done, because his numbers were terrible when I was in the park. A .111 average? That’s not quite Hall of Fame caliber. A .439 OPS? That’s just pathetic. He also struck out a ton. But, the Pedro games certainly skewed those numbers, since those were the two 2-strikeout games. He also walked a ton, so that aspect showed the true Frank Thomas.

(Actually, this makes me wonder. How many HOF pitchers have I seen face HOF batters? Since the Sox haven’t had many HOF hitters themselves lately, it might just be the batters I’ve seen Pedro face. But, maybe I saw Rickey Henderson or someone like him face an opposing future Hall of Famer. I should research that number at some point.)

Unfortunately, that was all that represented his great career. While I certainly don’t want to see a player dominate the Sox, it would be nice to see a great player be great. Maybe a four hit game in a 10-8 Red Sox win. But I didn’t get that with Thomas.

And that’s too bad.

How did Frank Thomas do with you in the park? 

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