Thursday, July 16, 2015

From the Pedro Binder

2004 Topps American League ERA Leaders

Is it possible to forget how good Pedro Martinez was? Not really, of course. But, I do sometimes forget how good he was for how long he was. His best seasons were so off-the-charts amazing, that I tend to be underwhelmed by the years where he was merely dominant.

If you told me to offhandedly recap Pedro’s Red Sox career, I would say best ever for the first five years, ignoring his injury year in 2001, then sort of tailed off. Which, would be correct. He was amazing in 1998. Legendary in 1999, and somehow even better in 2000. Then, 2001 was a pit of a waste, before he came back and should have won the Cy Young in 2002. Then, he started to show his age. After all, he only went 14-4 in 2003, and 16-9 in 2004.

Then I look at this card, and see him sitting on top after leading the league in ERA during the 2003 season. Really? Not only that, but he led the league with a 2.22. I actually mentally discount a 2.22 ERA when I look over Pedro’s career. After all, he had three seasons during his career lower than that. That’s insane.

So, I’m glad to have cards like this once so I don’t take Pedro for granted. Even in the years I remember as subpar, he was a league leader.

No wonder he’s in the Hall of Fame.

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  1. I've been really happy Topps brought back the League Leaders cards. Side note, I'm completely amazed Esteban Loaiza was among the leaders in ERA.


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