Friday, May 15, 2015

I Scored!

June 8, 2000

I love Pedro games. I know. I’m not even close to being alone in this one. But, there’s a little bit of excitement in me every time I look at a scorecard and see his name on it. I know automatically that this game is going to be something special.

Of course it was.

The best part is, it wasn’t even anything extraordinary as far as Pedro games go. Take a look at his line. Eight innings. Of course. Zero runs, as expected. Another ten strikeout game. Boring! But, that was Pedro Martinez.

Since the Sox won the games, there must have been some runs scored. And, there were. Just enough. Plus, you’ll see that the first one wasn’t until the seventh inning. Pedro kept the Indians off the board when he really needed to. After all, the Sox were facing Bartolo Colon that day. Throwing up goose eggs was essential.

The hero of the game? Easily Carl Everett. His solo shot in the seventh was all the runs the Sox would need. For good measure, he scored another run the following inning. We’ll forgive the two strikeouts. Remember, it was Colon on the mound.

The goat? I hate to do it, but it has to be Nomar. 0-4 from your #3 hitter is not what you’re looking for.

But, thanks to Pedro, that didn’t matter. The Sox scored all the runs they would need, and Pedro showed why he was destined to be in the Hall of Fame.

Just like he did every game.

And the scorecard shows how it happened.

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