Thursday, May 21, 2015

Everything at Once

Why can’t the Red Sox do everything at once?

We’ve all had stretches like this, right? Maybe your car breaks down, once that gets fixed your TV goes on the fritz. Finally have that under control and the washing machine starts leaking all over the basement.

Why can’t everything just all work at once!?!

That’s what the Red Sox are going through at the moment. They had a stretch at the beginning of the year where things seemed to be going well. Then, the pitching disappeared. Sure, they could still hit but the pitchers were giving up too many runs. Then, suddenly the pitching came back. This last swing through the rotation has been exactly what you’d want. But, just as suddenly, the hitting disappeared. They just can’t score runs. So, instead of losing 8-7, they’re losing 2-1.

When are they going to start hitting and pitching at the same time?


Wouldn’t it have to be soon? I’ve always been a “back of the baseball card” type. Or, a “water finds its level” if you will. Just like I had to assume that every pitcher on the staff didn’t suddenly start sucking all at once, I have to assume that neither did the batters.

And, really, they haven’t forgotten. They’re just slumping a bit. After all, people have been complaining and complaining about leaving runners on base. But, they ignore the fact that, clearly they’re getting runners on base. So, if you have an inning that ends with a two out single, followed by a double, followed by a walk, followed by a flyout…do you get angry about not getting that last hit or are you please with the small two-out rally? The answer, frankly, depends on whether or not you win the game.

Hitting with runners in scoring position isn’t really anything special. Alan Craig didn’t have some secret formula when he was hitting almost .500 with RISP a few years ago. If he did, he should have written it down. Similarly, Pedroia’s not doing anything differently when he strikes out with the bases loaded than he is when he homers leading off an inning. It’s just a matter of when the hits fall. They’re getting their hits. The rest will work itself out.

Maybe they’re pressing a bit at the moment. What they need is one good game. Get a few of those .150 batting averages with men on base to go away. Let them just play. Maybe the pitching will help with that. If they don’t need to score 15 runs to win, maybe they can all just relax.

Whatever it is, it’ll work itself out. If nothing else, at least the Sox don’t have both things going wrong. I’d rather lost 2-1 than 12-1. So, until it all comes back to normal, at least the Sox aren’t dropping away to nowhere in the standings. Sure, they may be below .500. But, even with nothing going right all season, the Sox are only 2.5 games out of first. If the Sox were 21-19 instead of 19-21, those 2.5 game out would seem like they were right in the hunt. They’ve held their own.

Can’t wait to see what happens when it all clicks.

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