Sunday, October 26, 2014

First Fairfield

I went to Target the other day, with a burning desire to open some packs. I looked at the current offerings, and couldn't find anything to strike my fancy. The choices on the shelf seemed a little stale. That's when I noticed the Fairfield repack sitting on the shelf. I had seen other bloggers mention repacks. I mostly saw them talked about as stacks of old cards packaged together. That never really appealed to me. But, these were repacks of packs. That was just what I needed! And, not just packs. 20 packs! Plus, apparently, a hit of some sort. All for the price of a blaster. So, which packs were inside? Here's a look.

Not a bad selection. A little more recent that I was expecting, with a vast majority of the backs from 2013. One thing I was looking forward to as I opened the packs was the prospect of getting some Red Sox inserts I don't have. Since I buy most of my Red Sox cards in set form, the inserts tend to elude me. This was a chance to get some that I had missed.

So, how did I do from those packs? Here are the Red Sox cards that came to me.

Yeah, I don't see any inserts either. Oh well. Certainly can't complain about 2013 cards of the ALCS and World Series MVPs. I love the Hanrahan card too. Remember when he was the Red Sox closer? 

So I didn't make a huge dent in my Red Sox wantlists. I had a lot of fun, and that's really what counts. Because, with these repacks, you can never tell what you're going to get. Check out the lone pack of 2012 Topps Chrome.

I know, those RC aren't worth millions. But, for a pack I didn't know I was getting, I got probably the two best base cards available. Funny how things work out.

Wonder how they'll work out next time.

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