Thursday, May 29, 2014

When is the Media Going to Admit that They’re the Only Ones with a Problem with Manny?

Remember that game? The one when Manny was on the bench on trade deadline day? There were rumors that he was being offered around to other teams. Nobody was sure if that meant he was gone, or not. But, he wasn’t in the line-up. Then, the deadline passed. Still nobody, especially those fans in Fenway, knew if he had been traded. Then, he popped out of the dugout to pinch hit. The park absolutely erupted. The standing ovation was one of the biggest I’ve ever heard, and I was just watching on TV. Of course, Manny responded by singling up the middle to drive in what would be the game winning run.

Remember what they said the next day? The EEIdiots said the fans weren’t cheering Manny. They were cheering the situation. If Adam Dunn, or anyone else popped out of the dugout in that situation, he would have gotten the same ovation. Sure. I’ve been in Fenway any number of times when a pinch hitter was announced. I don’t recall many standing ovations while he’s in the on-deck circle.

Would you believe they said the same thing today? Literally, the exact same thing.

As part of the wonderful ceremony celebrating the 2004 World Champions, Manny was introduced to a thunderous ovation. Again, the EEIdiots said it wasn’t for him. They were cheering everyone who was introduced. The fact that his was so loud wasn’t because it was him. It was because he was last.

Sure it was.

Why can’t they just admit it?

People like Manny, because as much as they tried, they couldn’t make us hate him. They tried to convince us he was quitting on the team. After all, that last year, in 100 games he quit to the tune of a .299/20/68 line. Along with a .926 OPS. I wish every player would quit on the team like that. After all, even ignoring the games played, those 20 HR would have been third on last year’s Red Sox. His .299 BA would have been just below Dustin Pedroia’s .301. The .926 OPS? Only David Ortiz had a better one last season. Quit on the team? Please.

Frankly, it’s a little weird, because Manny is the type of player the media usually loves. He’s quirky. Has some funny stories. What a player to adore. Really, he only had one flaw.

He didn’t talk to the media. So, once again, players who make the media jobs easier (See Pedroia, Dustin and Ortiz, David) are praised above all others. Players who don’t (See Drew, JD and Matsuzaka, Daisuke) are bad mouthed and run out of town. If they can make us all hate them on the way out, even better. But, it didn’t work with Manny.

But, they just can’t stop trying.

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  1. So if Mike Myers was last, he would have come out to a thundering ovation?

    No, because you are correct, there was a thundering ovation because it was Manny.


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