Thursday, February 13, 2014

Who Will FOX Point all Their Cameras on Now?

As with many of us, I met yesterday’s news with bittersweet emotions.

On the one hand, I was glad that there will only be one more year for an overrated has-been to monopolize baseball broadcasts.

On the other hand, this will be one more year where he won’t just monopolize them…he will completely overtake them.

How am I supposed to make it through the season?

My initial reaction to the announcement was puzzlement. I mean, it’s Derek Jeter right? Isn’t he supposed to be this team guy? Even though he has hurt the team over and over by not shifting away from shortstop, he’s supposed to be all about the team. Right?

Then why did he just set up the “Year of Derek Jeter?” He even did it just in time for pitchers and catchers to be reporting for teams. That way every initial interview of every player on every team can include a question about Derek Jeter. Sounds like a “me” guy to me.

I’m trying to guess how much his timing hurts the Yankees. Would the Yankees have signed someone like Jhonny Peralta as his heir apparent if they had known three months ago? It will be interesting to see if this affects Stephen Drew at all. Is he now worth a three year deal to the Yanks…one at third, and then two at short?

Although, I suppose, the timing won’t hurt the Yankees as much as having to play him in 2014. And, they certainly can’t monkey around with him now. Can’t let the great Derek Jeter DH in his ceremonial season. He’s going to have to be at shortstop every inning of every game. Ouch. Makes you wonder what happens if he hurts himself. No, nothing major. But, do you rest him for ten days with a nagging hammy during his swan song? Who makes that call?

Just thinking about the season makes me frustrated. I’m supposed to be excited about the Red Sox starting up. This should be a fun year as the Red Sox are the World Champions. There’s a ring ceremony to look forward to after all. Instead I have to deal with people asking me if I’m going to cheer Jeter when he comes to Fenway. I have Yankees fans insisting that “even Red Sox fans” should respect Jeter. (I still don’t get the constant need Yankee fans have to force everyone else to like their players. I don’t care if Angels fans like Dustin Pedroia or not) I have people on twitter calling Jeter the best shortstop ever. I’m exhausted by it. And it’s only been one day.

I can’t wait until it’s over.

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