Tuesday, February 4, 2014

One Day Left!

That’s right all you slackers. Tomorrow is the deadline for the 2013 Section 36 Scavenger Hunt!

Let’s be honest. It’s “throw something together” time. As I’ve mentioned, though, even if you’re just cramming something together at the end, you can still put together one heck of an entry.

For instance, one of the items is a “homemade “I’d Rather be in Section 36” t-shirt. Does it say, “really well made”? No, it does not. You have a t-shirt, I assume. You have a sharpie, I assume. You have one minute, I assume. Bingo. You have an entry. (This one has the added benefit that you can wear that shirt over and over and submit pictures of yourself in various places.) Don’t want to ruin a shirt? Did I say the shirt had to be permanent? I did not. Did I say you couldn’t use scotch tape or safety pins? I did not.

Some of the items can be found just by scrolling through old photos. Sure, for some of you that could be quite an effort. But, really that shouldn’t take too long. And, remember to read the items. For instance, one of the items is “Red Sox player.” Does it say, “prominently featured Red Sox player”? Nope. So, did you take your picture at a game? Any chance there was a Red Sox player somewhere in the background as you took it? I bet there’s a good chance. Bingo.

One of the items is a “used” Section 36 scorecard. I don’t see anywhere where it says how it needs to be used…

What is the definition of a paperweight?

Or a coaster?

See? I told you it wasn’t hard. So, take tonight, and just get those entries completed and pictures sent over to me. E-mail is fine (section36 at gmail) or tweet them out to me (@Section_36).

Take those pictures!

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