Saturday, January 25, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2002 Upper Deck

Boy, is there a lot to like about this card.

You know me, I love pictures. If you can give me a card with a large expanse of uninterrupted picture, I’m a happy camper. That’s exactly what Upper Deck did with this design.

The best part about it? They were still able to put all the information you could want on the front of the card. You have Pedro’s name in the biggest font, along with his team name. It has his position, and even his uniform number. All of that is nicely tucked onto the bottom of the card, out of the way. That leaves about 80% of the card as clean picture.

Of course, with so much picture on the card, there’s limited space for design elements. There’re a couple bands of color, a bent line or two. It’s certainly simplistic, but it definitely works in this case.

Unfortunately, for a card so dedicated to the picture, they didn’t select a great one. I know that every card of Pedro can’t show him throwing a pitch. There needs to be some variety in there somewhere. But, stretching out his shoulders? The picture does do a great job of showing the slits Pedro made in his jersey sleeves. But, that’s really all it does for me.

The card itself, though, is almost perfection.

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