Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Four Weeks!

That’s right. There are only four short weeks left to enter the 2013 Section 36 Scavenger hunt!

This is a great time to get going on the hunt. The deadline is close enough that you should feel motivated to get moving on thing. But, it’s not so far away that you can’t take the time to find most items.

There’s still time to schedule a trip to Lansdowne St. You can still look around for the closest Cy Young statue. You can print out a Section 36 scorecard, and use it to score a game. Perhaps one of the World Series game from your 2013 World Champions box set (which would be another item!).

You still have time to visit your nearest sporting goods story, or collectibles shop. They should have all the shirts and bats and balls you’d need.

So get out there! Snap those pictures. I see all the garbage pictures people keep posting. Won’t it be nice to be able to take a picture, and have a good reason to take it? Winning a contest!

Take those pictures now!

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