Wednesday, November 7, 2012


What exactly are the plans for the Red Sox moving forward? I have no idea. I have a sense I keep writing about this feeling of confusion. But, normally during the off-season there would be discussions of moves, or potential moves. There would be a list of needs, and a list of players that might just fit those needs. This year? Not so much.

So, I have to keep wondering what the plan is. There are holes all over the place. There are any number of players who could fill those holes, to about the same degree. More troubling, there are no favorites, or dream acquisitions out there. There’s nothing to focus all my attention on. So, I’m finding myself a little bit scattered.

The Red Sox signed David Ortiz. Great. I definitely think that the Sox needed to sign him. After you ship away all your talent to get flexibility, you need to use that flexibility to sign the face of your franchise. So, the Sox have a power hitter in the middle of the line-up. What’s next?

Cody Ross is still out there. Should the Sox sign him? Probably. He’s nothing I’m drooling over. But, he’s at least as good as any of the other options out there. And, he’s at least a known entity. That should give him a little bit of an edge.

I hear rumors that Torii Hunter wants to come play with his good friend, Ortiz. Sure. Why not? Is he a superstar? Nope. Is he at least as good as anything else out there? Yup. What about the kids? What about Kalish? Is he better than Hunter? Ross? Dunno. Maybe. Would I scream at the Sox if they passed on Ross and stuck with Kalish? Not at all. Would I scream if they signed Hunter and left Kalish in AAA? Nope.

Who’s playing short? Is it Iglesias? Bogaerts? Scutaro? Does it matter? Do you just hand the job to Iglesias? Give him a half-season to sink or swim. If he swims, trade Bogaerts? If he sinks, swap him with Bogaerts at the break? Do you sign a Scutaro-type and sit both the kids for another year? Does it affect the line-up no matter what you pick?

Which is really the problem with this off-season. Every hole can be filled by any number of players. Every hole that needs filling probably depends on the hole next to it. There are, what, five certain members of the line-up. The other four can be picks from a grab bag. All the Sox need is to throw something in the bag.

It really makes it impossible to get excited. I’m not checking the rumor mill to see if the Sox are mentioned along with a stud free agent. There aren’t any. If the Sox miss on Ross, Hunter will do. If they miss on both, Kalish will do. There’s no sense of urgency at all.

Which is quite unsettling.


  1. Every year I make a list of who I want the Sox to sign and I did the same thing this year it just has more names than normal.
    I hope they stay away from “dream acquisitions” for now. The last 3 World Series winners didn’t have any “dream acquisitions”. Actually if you look back at the last 20 years worth of winners the yankees, and Red Sox were the only ones with “dream acquisitions” that netted a Word Series. (Pujoles and Howard were homegrown and the Phillies traded for Roy)
    Ortiz – I was glad he finally got his 2 year deal.
    Cody Ross – Rumor is he wants 25 for 3 years. Myself I don’t think he is worth 8+ a year so I would pass unless the price comes down. Just because we have extra money to spend doesn’t mean that we have to spend it all right now.
    Hunter – I always thought Tori was overpaid. He is a good outfielder don’t get me wrong but I wouldn’t say he is a 10+ million outfielder. Being friends with Big Papi isn’t a qualification.
    Here is my list of Outfielders I would like to see taking into consideration approximately what they will have to be paid: Pagan, Podsednick, Ichiro, Ross, Victorino. (I would plug just using Kalish right before signing Pods) This is just free agents though . I would really like to see them go after Parra from AZ. He gets on base (yes better against righties than lefties) has a great glove and a cannon arm.
    Shortstop – There is nothing out there. I mean nothing. I think they are going to have to use a body to fill it, basically any body. But since they agreed for Aviles to go to Toronto they must have some kind of plan. (I just hope it isn’t Iglesias and his noodle bat)

  2. I think Greinke would sign & how about Asdrubal Cabrera at short, the BoSox have the $ although at this point I don't think Henry knows who plays for Boston or Liverpool! Steven Gerrard playing 1st base & David Ortiz playing on the right wing?

  3. I wouldn't want Greinke. Yes he is a good pitcher but the spotlight bothered in in Kansas City and the spotlight in Boston is so much brighter.

    Asdrubal Cabrera would be a better SS than any of the free agents this year.

    I read this morning that Colorado may take offers for Tulo...


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