Friday, November 30, 2012

Card of the Week:

1992 Stadium Club Carlos Quintana

Ok, Jere. When and where was this picture taken?

I doubt I’m alone in my love of Stadium Club cards. I love the full bleed photos. I love the unobtrusive details. I love the fact that the photo is allowed to be the main, perhaps only, focus.

Tat said, there are a couple issues I have with the card. I like my cards to have the team name somewhere on the front. In this case, it’s not such a big deal. The “Red Sox” on Quintana’s jersey does that pretty well on its own. But, if I’m sorting cards into team piles, I don’t like to have to rely on the picture. The photo itself isn’t exactly an instant classic either. While it’s not a terrible shot, Quintana’s face isn’t in the perfect pose.

I like the blue sky in the background, though. It really allows the white uniform to pop out of the picture. It’s a well-composed shot that’s fits well with the other cards popping up in that set.

I smile wouldn’t have been out of the question. 

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  1. To answer your question: You'll have to wait for the blog post I do about it!


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