Friday, June 1, 2012

June Contest

If you remember, I had a contest in April to help celebrate the 100th birthday of Fenway Park, as well as the 100th anniversary of that year’s World Series. The prize was a copy of Mike Vaccaro’s wonderful book The First Fall Classic. That book chronicles the 1912 World Series, and does a fantastic job. I’m doing another contest this month to give away another copy of this book. What hoops am I going to make you jump through this time to enter? I’m glad you asked.

Once again, it’s not a difficult entry. Simply send me a picture of you in Section 36. That’s it. Everyone who sends me a picture of themselves in Section 36 gets one entry into a random drawing. The winner of the drawing (or randomization, or dice roll, or dart throw, or however I decide to do it) wins the copy of the book. To make it even easier, it doesn’t have to be a new picture. It doesn’t even have to be section 36 in Fenway Park. It can be any section 36 you find yourself in. So, anyone can enter.

So, find those pictures of you in Section 36. Or, get to a game this month and take a picture of yourself in Section 36. When you do, send them to me (section36 at gmail dot com). I’ll accept entries until 12:36 PM on June 30. So, get me those pictures!

Good Luck!

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