Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh My!

It happened again.

I was listening to the game last night against the Orioles. Clay Buchholz was cruising right along. Then, he ran into some trouble. Ok. I guess he walked into some trouble. A lot of trouble. The Sox gave him a two run lead. He not only coughed the lead up, but he provided a two run deficit.

I wasn’t crushed. It wasn’t mood altering. I didn’t one think “here we go.” Or, “we’re done now. They blew their chance.” I saw that there was still most of the game left, and the Sox still had time. It was a refreshing feeling. One that I’ve been felling more and more lately as I watch the games.

Sure, they’re only at .500 today. Bigger news? So are the Yankees. What more? In any of the other AL divisions, they’d be in second place. They’ve played even for a month and a half. But, they’re not hopeless. They’re not dysfunctional. They’ve won as many games as they’ve lost. They’ve beaten the top two teams in the division in the last week.

Things are looking up.

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