Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It’s Funny Sometimes

Photo by Bryanne
It’s really what makes baseball so great. Adrian Gonzalez can’t get out of his own way at the plate on Sunday. He didn’t just go hitless over 17 innings. He struck out against the Orioles designated hitter representing the tying run in the bottom of the seventeenth. How did that affect him Monday night? In his first at bat he hit a single to drive in a run. Of course he did. Ain’t it grand?

Once again the Sox end a terrible homestand by starting off a road trip on the right foot. Playing in Kansas City certainly helped. But, it’s nice to get things rolling again. Just need to keep it moving from here.

I really don’t want to mention the homestand. A 1-5 hosting of the Athletics and Orioles wasn’t exactly what I had in mind. But, it’s over now. We’re even closer to getting the injured players back in the line-up. We’re realizing that maybe Kevin Youkilis really is expendable…if anyone will take him. The bullpen pulled things together by having a great stretch of games. It’ll be nice if that continues for quite some time. So, the games in Fenway did bring good points.

The other good thing about the homestand? It allowed lots of people to take and send in pictures from section 36. I’ll add them to the Pix from 36 page as we go along. So, go and check it out. There are some good ones going up, including several from frequent contributor Bryanne. Her pictures are always welcome here. If you have any pictures from section 36, don’t forget to share them. And, if you’re going to any games this season, head over to centerfield and take some Pix from 36.

We all love to see them.

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