Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Prince of Fenway Park, By Julianna Baggott

The Red Sox really were cursed. No, not by Babe Ruth. By mythical creatures living in Fenway Park. Only one person can break the curse, or the Sox will be doomed to an eternity of losing. Will he succeed?

I know. This is a kid’s book. But, so was Harry Potter, and that was still a great read. The Prince of Fenway Park was not Harry Potter. I think it wanted to be, though. It was a little bit forced. It was like the author was told to write this book. The Red Sox sell. Fantasy sells. Put the two together somehow into a book, and it should sell. Write it. It didn’t really work. It does take place in Fenway Park during the 2004 playoffs. So, that’s a nice remembrance. It wasn’t quite enough to make it a good book, but it helped. A bit. I’ll leave the possibility open that kids may like it. I just didn’t. I will repeat a warning, though, that the author gives as well. The “n-word” is used three times in the book. If that’s a problem for you, now you know.

Rating: 2 bases

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