Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Left Field

Yesterday, I forgot to mention that yet another category of voting opened up at FenwayPark100. You have another two weeks to vote for the best left fielder in team history. That’s it.

It’s weird that they crammed two or three positions into some voting periods, but only had one this time. Left field is by far the easiest position to choose.

The nominees are: Mike Greenwell, Duffy Lewis, Manny Ramirez, Jim Rice, Ted Williams, and Carl Yastrzemski. If it’s not obvious that Mike Greenwell is your only choice, you don’t deserve to vote.

Really, though, just look at that list. If they did this for other teams, would there be a more star-studded position? Three of them are Hall-of-Famers. Five of the players are in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. The only one who isn’t, Manny Ramirez, ranks in the top ten of just about every offensive category. What a group. If I actually had to rank them? I’d put Lewis at the bottom. Mostly because he played the least in Fenway. Greenwell is the only one of the others not a Hall-of-Fame caliber player. From there? Still going from the bottom, I’d probably put them Rice, Manny, Yaz. Obviously, that leaves Ted for the top spot. Duh. The biggest slam-dunk in the voting process.

Now, go make your votes!

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