Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spring Training Thoughts

So, I turned on my radio this afternoon to hear that the EEIdiots were cutting to Spring Training to hear the announcement on Theo compensation. Then I hear Ben’s voice, “The Red Sox have acquired Chris Carpenter…” Before I can even finish my elation at an apparent three-team deal landing the Red Sox a stud, I’m crushed when Ben finishes with “…26-year old reliever from the Cubs.” Damn. The other Chris Carpenter would have been more fun. But, a reasonable major leaguer is a pretty good option.

I’ve also been a big fan of the Carl Crawford turn of events. Crawford showed up in camp this weekend, with a lot of the focus on his wrist surgery. We’ve been hearing that he’ll be out all of April because of it. Crawford comes in and simply says he feels Opening Day is a reasonable return. Huh? Where did we get the three weeks? Oh, yeah, that’s right. The media has been saying they got all that from Bobby Valentine. Crawford mentions that Valentine didn’t know that he was throwing already. So, he might have been a bit off. Which could be a whole he-said, he-said thing. But, when you look back at the actual quote from Bobby V, it’s not like he said that he talked to medical experts and with Carl at length to come up with his answer. He just said he wouldn’t be surprised if he missed a few weeks. Well, of course he shouldn’t be surprised. He’s the manager. He needs to have plans in place just in case. But, the media needed a story about it. They were either too lazy to actually check on it, or thought there was a better story if they left it at three weeks. Crawford waited too long to have surgery. Why would he hide the injury? Why didn’t he take care of it early enough to make it back for the season? How much of a bust is this guy? $20 million, and he’s not even a home-run hitter? It gets right down to the main purpose of a reporter. You’d think it’s to report to news. You’d be wrong. It’s to sell advertising. Nothing sells papers better than a little bit of conflict…real, or imaginary.

Basically, I need reporters to give me facts that I can’t get on my own. I don’t need to know whether they feel they’re owed an apology. I don’t need to know if they think Carl Crawford is overpaid. Frankly, if they simply printed news releases from the Sox, I’d be thrilled.

The rest I can do on my own.

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