Friday, February 10, 2012

A Great Omen!

My local Target finally has 2012 Topps blasters. Naturally, I gobbled one up as soon as I saw it. I had seen plenty of blog posts showing all the cards, and other people opinions. So, I was anxious to hold them in my very own hands.

I ripped into it as soon as I could. There, the very top card in the very first pack I opened was this:

How could that not be a good sign? My first Red Sox card of the year was my first card period! And, not just any card. A card of a pitcher I’m expecting a big turnaround from. Fantastic. But, wait. There’s more. Three cards later, I uncovered this guy:

Now it’s getting creepy. Two Red Sox in the first pack of cards I open all year. Both of them key members of the rotation coming off sub-par years but looking to storm back. I can’t help but assume this means big things for the Sox in 2012.

For the record, I got several other Sox cards in the box. Here’s a look at them.

Here’s to a 2012 World Series.

After all, it’s in the cards.


  1. I never get boxes like that. Some guys have all the luck...

    Lester already reported to JetBlue or Fenway South, so it sounds like he is motivaated this year.

  2. Hopefully, you pulling Lackey is a good sign for him. When he was on the Angels, I used to think a Cy Young-caliber season was just around the corner for him. I still hope it is for him, he gave me a lot of good memories as an Angel. I wish him luck. Unless it's the ALCS and Sox are playing Angels. Then I hope he gives up runs and lots of them! :)

  3. I heard that John Henry worked out a deal with Topps to make sure that the New England area stores had extra Red Sox player cards. He wanted to drum up support for the upcoming season to counteract the worst regular season collapse in MLB history. That is why it took so long to get the new Topps into your local Target store.

  4. Well, a Yankees fan would certainly know a thing or two about historic collapses. Strange you didn't notice that the Braves had a worse collapse in 2011 than the Sox did.

  5. Adam_the_Yankee_FanFebruary 23, 2012 at 8:13 AM

    I suppose that comparing two horrible finishes is an exercise in futility, but I couldn't help myself.

    As of 9/1/11:
    Sox had 83 wins and were up 9 games
    Braves had 81 wins and were up 7.5

    Finish of 2011 season:
    Sox had 90 wins and were out by 1
    Braves had 89 Wins and out by 1

    That's only 7 wins and a loss of 10 games in the standings as compared with 8 wins and a loss of 8.5 games.

    Enjoy those cards sec_36, it may be the only joy you have all year.


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