Friday, December 10, 2010

A Week of Christmas Gifts

Now we’re talking! I had hoped that Theo had a larger plan when he let Victor Martinez go. I hoped that there was a method to all the cost savings with Martinez and Beltre. It looks like I was, thankfully, correct. I’m not foolish to think Theo reads this blog, and changed his approach because of it. (Although, if he does…”Hi Theo”) But, he certainly accomplished everything I asked and could have hoped for.

The Red Sox really didn’t need to make any “moves.” this offseason. If they had kept the entire team from 2010, and they were healthy, I think the Sox would have done well in 2011. Once they let V-Mart and Beltre walk, they needed to replace them somehow. And, replace them they did.

I’ve mentioned my approval of the Adrian Gonzalez move. It’s the perfect move for the Red Sox and their needs. It adds a significant bat to the line-up, without taking away from anything. The Sox had a hole…and it was plugged brilliantly.

The Carl Crawford move is just icing on the cake. No, the Sox didn’t need another outfielder. They have three under contract, and the prospect of some youngsters coming up. But, as one who loves proof over potential, this is a great move too. Sure, Ryan Kalish might be a great player. He could come up next year and play a great left field. He could ignite the offense like you’d dream of. In other words…he might be Carl Crawford. If the prospect of Crawford and Ellsbury on base as the same time doesn’t give you chills, you’re not paying attention. That’s actually one reason I’d hesitate to bat Crawford third. Personally, I’d go for the Crawford-Pedroia-Gonzalez-Youkilis-Ortiz-Drew-Scutaro-Saltalamacchia-Ellsbury line-up. That takes the lead-off pressure from Ellsbury. Plus if Ellsbury is a “second lead-off” hitter in the nine hole, the chances of having Ellsbury and Crawford on first and second for Pedroia is increased. Think Pedey would see a fastball or two in that situation. But, that’s neither here nor there.

Basically, Francona can’t mess this line-up up. The Sox now, really, have it all. They have a line-up of young all-stars. They didn’t add old guys at the tail end of their careers. It’s not a monster deal to Cliff Lee or Jayson Werth on the bad side of 30. They got elite talent in their primes. How many all-star selections will the Sox have the next seven years? It doesn’t stop with the line-up either. The rotation is anchored by young stars in their own right. This could be a very fun five years for Red Sox fans. I can’t wait.

I guess John Henry can buy as many soccer teams as he wants to.

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  1. I think I would go with a Ellsbury-Pedey-Gonzalez-Youk-Crawford-Ortiz-Scutaro-Drew-Salty lineup. Of course, you can't really go wrong with whatever you do. You pretty much have an all-star lineup. The only weakness I see on this team is Paplebon. HUGE pressure to have a great season this year


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