Monday, May 17, 2010

Well, That wasn’t great

I guess that’s why they call it home field advantage. That means that when one good team meets another good team, the home team should win more than the visitors. So, going into the series in Detroit, a loss or two shouldn’t have been a shocker.

It still doesn’t mean that Saturday’s loss didn’t hurt. A lot. The game should not be in question with your ace on the mound, and a five-run lead. But, there it was. The Tigers chipped, and chipped, and dragged themselves right back it. Once it gets to extra innings, it’s all a crapshoot. Sure, the bases loaded walk is just a depressing way to end it. But, I doubt I’d feel much better if they got a game ending, bases loaded, double instead.

Yesterday’s loss was just one of those problems the Sox are going to run into. Especially missing so many starters like they were. They just didn’t score enough runs to cover for a somewhat shaky outing from their starter. It’ll happen, and it did.

But, that’s to Friday night’s triumph, the salvaged one win from the series, and head into New York. It’s a short series, which is just annoying. Lose two games, and people crow about being “swept.” And, really, you’d have to expect to lose at least one. Right? Cameron’s coming back though. So, that’s a good thing. No, he’s not a shining knight on a white horse or anything. But, he has to be a tick above Bill Hall in center, right? It’s definitely a step in the right direction.

With Ellsbury nearing a rehab start, the Sox are holding close while they wait for the cavalry to come. It’s all we could have expected. From here on out, let’s see what the entire, fully operational Red Sox can do.

You know…if they’re ever fully operational.

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