Monday, May 24, 2010

List of 36: Best Red Sox Second Basemen of the Past 36 years

1. Dustin Pedroia
2. Jerry Remy
3. Jose Offerman
4. Marty Barrett
5. Jody Reed
6. Todd Walker
7. Mark Bellhorn
8. Pokey Reese
9. Mike Lansing
10. Donnie Sadler
11. Mark Loretta
12. Jeff Frye
13. Scott Fletcher
14. Denny Doyle
15. Mike Benjamin
16. Lou Merloni
17. Ed Romero
18. Ernest Riles
19. Ted Sizemore
20. Steve Lyons
21. Luis Alicea
22. Doug Griffin
23. Carlos Baerga
24. Mark Lemke
25. Chuck Goggin
26. Bob Heise
27. John Kennedy
28. Kim Andrew
29. Steve Dillard
30. Esteban Beltre
31. Jeff manto
32. Keith Johns
33. Dick McAuliffe
34. Tommy Barrett
35. Stan Papi
36.Jack Brohamer


  1. One guy I'd say has to be on there is Alex Cora--played 100 games at 2B for us, and has been a pretty solid utility-type for over a decade. Keith Johns only came to bat one time in the majors--and despite his immaculate OBP, I'd say Cora (and the four guys below Johns on the list) beat him.

  2. My bad...sort or. The Red Sox Media Guide didn't list Cora as a second baseman, only as an infielder. So, I missed him when I scanned the lists. Probably should have remembered him on my own though.

    Makes me wonder, though, how does the guide decide when to list a player at a position? 100 games sure sounds like a good place to start.

  3. You really think Jerry Remy beats out Marty Barrett?

  4. Two spots isn't much of a landslide. I was never a huge Barrett fan, I guess.


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