Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Thoughts

Nothing like a series against the Orioles to cure what ails ya. Unless, of course, you’re the Yankees.

This last series points out exactly why early season numbers and records are useless. Last week, the Sox were sitting at 3-6, and people were worrying if they would ever come out of it. This week, they’re 7-6 and in second place in the division. They weren’t slumping in the beginning. They’re not cruising now. The quality of the opponent just dropped off. Everything works it way out if you give it enough time.

Going into the season, the Sox had a lot of pitchers. While many of them came with huge question marks, one thing was sure. The Sox had the gift of depth that could help them through the season. Never was that more obvious than Monday. The Sox #3 pitcher was down with an injury. The obvious replacement is last year’s #5 guy, the young up and comer. He was also down with an injury. So, the Sox went to plan C, yet another young up and comer who was currently a top set-up man in the bullpen. All plan C did was give them 5.1 innings of one-run ball and collect the win. How many other teams could pull that off?

I liked the way Josh Beckett dropped his appeal. He basically said, “I still think I’m right. I still think I would have been absolved upon appeal. Basically, the punishment does nothing bad to the team though, so I’m dropping the appeal.” And, he’s right. It was a business decision that once he got it whittled down to five games, the extra day of rest might not be a bad deal anyway. That’s why I always thought players shouldn’t be able to drop appeals once applied for. If a player appeals the suspension, he should have to go to the hearing. Whatever the result, he would then serve immediately. A player shouldn’t be able to appeal a suspension until the team faces two straight lefties, and drop the appeal to miss games he would have skipped anyway. Or, maybe it’s MLB’s way of looking tough, but not really thinking the player deserved the suspension in the first place.

I wonder if a quick two-game series affects the visitors. Is there an adjustment period that the Twins will never get over two games? I would assume it would have to favor the Sox somehow, right?

Another home run from the captain yesterday. It’s early yet, but it’s better than the alternative.

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