Friday, April 3, 2009

Hitting the links

Obviously, this is the site I come to most often. But, when I have some free time, here are some other places I like to visit. (just in case you cared)

Baseball Sites:
MLB – The official site for Major League Baseball. If I just want pure information, this is the place to get it. If I need official releases from teams, or reports on the game itself I try here first.

MLBPA – The official site of the Major League Baseball Players Association. It’s more interesting than useful, but nice to check in on.

HOF – The official site of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It fun to browse around and check things out. It’s, naturally, full of information on the hall itself.

Red Sox Sites:

Red Sox – The official site of the Boston Red Sox. Much like the MLB site, it’s where I go when I want to know something officially happened. If it’s on the Red Sox site, it must be true, and not a good guess.

NESN – The official site of the Red Sox television network. In addition to schedules and the like, full of great and interesting information.

ESPN – The worldwide leader in sports is a great place to go for breaking news, or rumors, or possibilities. I usually don’t consider it official, though, until it’s on the Red Sox site.

SI – Sports Illustrated might be the best sports magazine out there. If it’s on this site, it’s probably something worth reading.

TATB – Touching All The Bases is a blog run through the Boston Globe written by Chad Finn. He writes with the heart of a fan, but it still a talented writer. It’s not all Sox all the time, but during the season it’s a good chance.

MAZZ – The blog kept by Tony Massarotti. He’s been around enough to have enough connections that the opinions he tosses out sometimes have merit. Again, it’s not strictly Sox talk, but odds are good it will be during the season.

Sports Guy – The site kept by Bill Simmons. He’s a very popular writer from ESPN. He makes a few too many pop culture or lowbrow comments, but I still enjoy reading him. Another site that covers all sports but touches on the Sox an awful lot.

Red Sox Diehard– This is one of the first “fan” websites I stumbled across, and I still enjoy checking in.

Any other baseball or Red Sox sites you like?

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