Friday, July 19, 2019

Packing For Fenway

When you go to a game at Fenway, or wherever you go to watch your games, do you have a standard packing list? Are there things
you always wear? Things you always bring? Things you wish you'd always bring?

I have one that evolved over the years. I wonder how closely it matches yours.

What I wear is pretty basic. Red Sox hat, obviously, and Red Sox jersey. I have a few to choose from, so they rotate in and out. What's under the jersey depends on the weather, anything from a Red Sox tee shirt to a long sleeved shirt to sweatshirt. I even have a super large jersey that can fit over a winder coat. So, that's the preferred combo for those  cold April/October games. I always bring sunglasses, even on cloudy days. The rest of the outfit is just standard weather-appropriate clothing. I don't have crazy Red Sox pants that I always wear or anything like that. I don't even have red socks to wear, which is almost criminal.

I've also established a regular bag of gear I always bring. It's just a simple drawstring backpack with some essentials. First off is my scorebook inside its own plastic bag. This is basically the entire reason I bring the backpack. If I have to carry the scorebook around with me anyway, I'd just as soon have it in a bag over my shoulder. Since I have the bag, might as well use it then, right? So the bag has spare pens for scoring, and a sharpie in case I find myself with an autograph opportunity. The bag always has a tube of sunscreen, since you never know when the sun will surprise you. It also has a pair of stretchy Red Sox gloves. I could probably take those out in the summer, but it's better to leave them in there as opposed to risking forgetting them. There are also some Section 36 stickers and business cards, just in case I need them. Those are the staples. If I’m positive that I'll be having an autograph someone in autograph alley that I don't already have, I might also bring an item to be signed. I also sometimes throw in a camera (yup, and actual camera and not my phone), especially if it's an important game like a ring ceremony. 

Otherwise, that's about it. I find that coves most of my needs. 

What about you?

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