Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Red Sox Magic Number Drops to 39!

That’s right. The Red Sox keep on winning. This extensive road trip that was supposed to show exactly what they’re made of is apparently saying that they’re made of playoff contenders!

No, I don’t plan on jumping up and down because the guy that’s supposed to be the Sox ace dominated a terrible team. But, on the whole they’re showing that they can compete with just about anyone in any situation. Last night’s game is one of those trap situations. First game in a new city after playing somewhere else the day before. Your ace is on the mound. The other team is terrible, after three series against playoff caliber teams. If that doesn’t spell “loss of concentration”, I don’t know what does. There are plenty of teams that would have just gone through the motions, and lost that game 2-1. 

Maybe that’s the kind of game that their youth helps with. Aside from the physical aspect, where Mookie Betts can recover from a road trip better than David Ortiz. But, maybe there’s that part were they don’t know any better? They don’t know they’re supposed to lose focus. Xander Bogaerts doesn’t know that after struggling for much of the trip, he should just pack it in and cower in the corner. Instead, he hits a home run to hopefully get out of the slump. 

Because of all that, the Sox find themselves in first place this morning. They have their destiny in their hands, as people seem to love pointing out. If they just win the rest of their games, they don’t need any help from anyone.

They’ve also managed to do it while getting that road trip out of the way. When the month started, you looked at the schedule and saw the vast majority of games on the road, and most of those against good teams. But, now that tilt is much closer to half and half. And there are still 16 games left against the Rays and Yankees. The line-up is finding itself again. The rotation isn’t something I worry about anymore. Things are definitely looking up.

And, they’re already on the top.

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