Monday, October 5, 2015

Well, That's Over

That means the off-season has begun.

The Sox limped to the finish line this weekend. Once again, they finished last in the American League East. Personally, the last place finish doesn’t bother me. The difference between third place and last place doesn’t affect my enjoyment of the season. If the Sox had swept Cleveland and finished third, I’m not a happier fan today. Frankly, once you get to the final weekend out of contention, might as well lose the last three and secure a slightly better draft position. I would never enjoy tanking a season to get a pick, but a weekend? I can live with that.

But. Now that’s over. Where do the Sox go from here? It’ll be interesting to see. If you’ve listened to Torey Lovullo the last month or so, he’s been talking about a team that finally found its place. There were a lot of new and moving parts at the beginning of the season. For whatever reason, it took them all a couple months to get everything settled in. Now that they've done that, 2016 should be able to start just like we all assumed this season would start.

Assuming he means that, and he's not just covering for John Farrell, that mans this could be a quiet off-season. Obviously, some moves will need to be made. I've mentioned before, I doubt the team starts with 8 outfielders come next April. The super-stud catchers are too manes well. So, there are a few positions of excess the Sox have to fill positions of need. Another starter, perhaps, or some bullpen help. So, I look forward to seeing how that all comes together in the months ahead.

As for Section 36? I hope to get back into more regular posting. I admit, it was getting tiring fighting everyone all the time. (Seriously, it WASN'T Hanley's fault) So, I should be re-energized now that I don't need to do that so often. I still have the scavenger hunt  to post. So, keep your eyes open for that. I also have a few books I haven't gotten around to reviewing. Add in some new pictures to post (If you have any, send them over!) and this should be a full couple of months. It'll be Spring Training before you know it.

We're on to 2016!

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