Monday, August 31, 2015

Why Buy Food at Fenway Without the Souvenir Container?

I was at Fenway a week or two ago, and was struck by something.

People kept coming back to their seats with regular containers. Time and time again, people would come back with french fries, or sodas, or chicken fingers, or ice cream in just regular cardboard containers.

Why would you do that?

I mean, you're buying the food or drink anyway. Why wouldn't you also get it in a cup or tray that you can take home with you? It's like a free collectible.

Well, OK. It's not free. It usually costs a little bit extra. But, judging by the amount of food people are bringing back with them, money doesn't seem to be an issue.

I'll admit that I might be a bit odd when it comes to this. After all, I've already posted wondering what I'm supposed to do with all these cups and hats I've amassed. But I still won't buy an ice cream that's not in a helmet...or even a Wally bowl. All my popcorn comes in helmets. All my chicken fingers come it glove trays. And, most definitely, all my soda comes in the souvenir cups. It's a have to. I'd much rather have a Red Sox item that I might not use as opposed to a regular cardboard cup that I'm definitely going to throw away. With the souvenir trays, at least there a possibility Ill find something to do with them. I may eventually figure out what to do with all my helmets. But, until then, they look just great sitting on a shelf, or on the floor. Or wherever they need to be.

Even if that's all they ever do, I'm glad to have them.

Even worse are the people who buy the souvenir items, but then leave them behind. You got so close. You paid the extra money. You made the right decision. Then, you just left the cup on the ground when you left?

What's wrong with people?

When you're at a game, do you pass on the souvenir food?


  1. This reminds me . . . I have a souvenir Fenway cup from our visit from last year that needs to find its way to you at some point.

  2. I've got a moderately sized stack of souvenir cups in the back corner of a cabinet in our laundry room.


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