Monday, June 29, 2015


I keep saying it. I love looking at pictures! Don't you? That's why I keep asking people to send in pics for the 36 Pix page and all its features. I add new pictures all the time! But, are you still not checking those pages regularly? Here's a quick look at some of the great stuff you've been missing!

As you know, the Pix in 36 page shows people enjoying themselves in the greatest section in Fenway. Here are some of the most recent examples!

This one is from Elle
Matt sent in this great group photo
Another great group shot. This on from Anna.
Even Blue Jays fans know where the best seats are. Jane sent in this pic.
Some of my favorites are the Pix with 36. Since they can be taken from anywhere in the park, they offer a lot of variety! Here are some of the newer ones!
Here's one from Kimberly
Erin celebrated a big birthday by posing with the best Section
Here's one from the lovely Alicia with Section 36 just behind her!
Christina's back with another great pic, just in front of Section 36

Here's Lauren with a great angle on Section 36
Once again, even visitors know where to pose. Brad made sure to catch the best shot.
As always, I appreciate each and every pic that is sent in. So keep sending them! And, don't forget, that this isn't all the pics that are submitted. There are even more on the 36 Pix page, and even more than that are posted on the Section 36 Facebook pg.

Check them out!

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