Sunday, September 7, 2014

From the Pedro Binder

2001 Pacific Private Stock - Game Used Gear

I love this card for one specific reason. Don't you hate getting relic cards that don't give you any information on the relic contained in it? Where did it come from? Where was it used? That's not the case with this one. The back of the card clearly sates it's from an Adirondack bat that Pedro used in 2000. Not only does it say what season it's from, it tells you the type of bat! How much more specific can it get? It even mentions that, as a pitcher, Pedro is more known for taking the bat out of opponent's hand than putting it into his. How clever.

But, since Pedro is an AL pitcher, I wonder how many times he would have batted in 2000? Maybe I can pinpoint the exact game. A quick check tells me I was right. He didn't bat much in 2000. In fact, he never stepped to the plate that season. (A fact that was especially annoying to me, if you remember)


So, when, exactly, was this Adirondack bat "used"? How was it "used"? Was it a Spring Training bat? Would Pedro have batted in a Spring Training game? Did he take batting practice with it? The card says the bat is "game used." Batting practice would be a bit of a stretch, right? I guess the card doesn't say how it was used. Maybe he was holding it in the dugout? Was he mocking someone's batting stance between innings with it? Did he use it to keep the flies away?

Specific details aren't as nice when they're flat out wrong. Or even more confusing than non-details.

Wonder what the bat is from.

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