Saturday, March 22, 2014

Collecting the Sox: 2007 Champions

2007 World Champions

I was looking at my Red Sox collection the other day when I noticed something. I am severely lacking in collectibles from the 2007 championship when compared to the other two.

(Boy, that was a fun sentence to write.)

Now, I understand the drop off from 2004 to 2007. 2004 was the first one. Who knew if it would ever happen again? So, I took the opportunity to load up on knick-knacks and other wonders of the Red Sox collection. It also didn’t hurt that there seemed to be a lot more stuff available than other years. I think companies knew that all the Red Sox fans were desperate for things declaring “2004 World Champions” and were all more than happy to help us out. Key chains and cups and cards and spoons and everything else.

Then, 2007 came along. Three years later. Companies weren’t quite so eager to produce commemorative items. Plus, I’ll admit, I was less eager to buy it. I already had a 2004 World Series hat. It was only three years old. I didn’t need a new one. I already had a David Ortiz autographed World Series baseball. I didn’t need another one. Besides, I had already taken out a loan to purchase everything I ever wanted from 2004. I couldn’t justify the hit to the bank account again so soon. At that point, I had to wonder how many times I was going to have to do this.

So, I was surprised to see that the 2013 collection took an uptick. You’d think, if anything, it would be even lower. How many newspapers do I really need? Shouldn’t I have already filled up all my available space with the other two? What happened?

I can think of a few possible explanations. First, I was at Fenway for the clincher this year. So, I have a personal connection that I don’t have with the other two. I think that made me a little more eager to celebrate than before. Especially anything specifically relating to game six. It wasn’t just a Red Sox collection. It was a souvenir.

I also think it’s possible that I appreciated this one more than 2007. The one in 2004 ended the drought. 2007 was still in the afterglow from that team. By the time 2013 came along, it had been six years. I am firmly aware that this isn’t going to happen a lot. So, I should be sure and enjoy it while I can. Much like in 2004, I know this could be the last one for a while. (Although, hopefully it’s not.)

It’s also possible that since the 2013 stuff is newer, it sticks out more. After all, I didn’t sit and take an inventory of all the items to compare. It was just an impression I got. Maybe there’s a significant difference between 2004 and the other two. Maybe I just think there’s a bigger gap between 2013 and 2007 because the stuff is newer, shinier, and looks more out of place.

Whatever the reason, it’s an interesting observation. Interesting how the mind works when it comes to those things. I wonder if I’m different.

Does anyone else notice a dip when it comes to 2007 items in your collection?

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