Monday, September 16, 2013

From the Pedro Binder

2004 Donruss Champions

A more wonderful card has never been made. This is it. This is all anyone will ever need. All any card company will ever need to do is slap the logo that appears in the upper left corner on a card, and I’ll want it in my collection.

What about the non-World champion aspects of the card? (as if they even matter)

It’s actually a well done card on its own merits. It tells you what the set is right off the bat. But, the Donruss logo is the smallest of the three logos, just like it should be. The red and blue color scheme fits in perfectly with the Red Sox team colors. The placement of Pedro’s name on the red banner is a welcome touch. For something that I can only imagine was slapped together, it turned out great. I say it was slapped together because I don’t remember similar sets being offered before. Did Donruss produce a set for the Marlins the year before that I just didn’t notice? I always envisioned the card companies see the Sox break the drought, sense an easy money making opportunity, and throw a set together to cash in. If that’s the case, Donruss did a great job with theirs.

The picture is also spot on. I love the fact that they have a photo actually from the World Series on a World Series card. The shot shows Pedro walking off the Busch Stadium mound, celebrating another well pitch inning. It sums up Pedro’s start perfectly. The dissolve at the bottom even adds some interest without detracting from anything important.

Even without the logo in the upper left, I think this card would rank fairly high on my list of best Pedro cards.

The logo just boosts it even higher.

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