Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy 36th!

Today we wish a very happy 36th birthday to Juan Pena!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned Pena on this blog before. I had the good fortune of seeing his major league debut with the Sox in 1999.

I remember first hearing his name on the radio on the way down to the game. I’m not sure who I was expecting to start the game, but the announcement of Pena threw me for a loop. I had never heard of the guy. My buddy and I looked at each other with confusion, and disappointment. Some nobody was making his debut. That didn’t bode well for a Red Sox victory.

Boy were we wrong! Pena struck out eight batters on the day, giving up just a run. Wowsers! Not sure you can ask for a much better debut than that one. To see the beginning of stardom is always fantastic.

Of course, stardom never came to Juan Pena. He only pitched for the Sox in that one year. But, he sure treated fans to one magical day.

Happy 36th Juan Pena!

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