Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hit Traded!

When I recently posted that I had some “hits” available for trade, I got a couple immediate responses. One of those was from Colbey of Cardboard Collections. He commented that he’d like the Frank Thomas jersey card I was offering. In exchange, he was offering a “GQ David Ortiz jersey.” I was thrilled! It was a textbook trash for treasure trade. Flipping a Frank Thomas Jersey for a David Ortiz? I couldn’t ask for much more. In my excitement, the “GQ” portion slipped my notice. I’m not sure why. Maybe I had the magazine on my mind for some reason. Whatever it was, I was blown away when this beauty fell out of the envelope.

I’m almost glad I didn’t immediately relate the GQ to Gypsy Queen. It made the package all the more exciting. What a great card. A fantastic shot of Ortiz doing what he does best…wasting time between pitches. I like how the shot involves so much movement, but is still not obscured by the jersey piece. It’s a well-composed card.

Thank you Cardboard Collections! 

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