Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Not a Trade Post

I don’t want to lie to all of you. (Ok, maybe “all” is overstating my readership a bit) I was going to call this a trade post, but I couldn’t call it a trade. A trade would imply that an exchange of good was made. However, in this case, Thoughts and Sox simply sent along some cards that I wanted. I keep trying to find cards I have off of his wantlist, but to no avail. When I buy cards, I’m more of low quantity/high variety sort. So, I’ll grab an occasional blaster or two, but not often of the same brands as the last time…just to mix it up a bit. The reason I’m telling you this? It causes me to not get many duplicates….which leaves me few cards to send to a fellow Sox collector. But, I’m working on it. If any of you have extra Red Sox cards, I suggest you look at the wantlist over at Thoughts and Sox and see if you can help him out. So, what wonderful things were in this unexpected package? Let’s take a look at a small sample.

The Phil Dumatrait and Roger Clemens cards were great. They both completed their respective Red Sox team sets for me. It’s always fantastic to remove a set from the list. The Donnie Sadler card is fun, because I remember just how fast Donnie was. Ellsbury may have wheels of his own, but I’ve never seen him hit a stand-up triple off the Wall in left like Sadler did. It was one of those cases where you follow the flight of the ball for a second, turn your head towards second to see if Sadler would make it…and see him standing on third. Brian Rose is another fun player for me. I was hanging out around the players exit once while he was new to the Sox. Suddenly, this guy comes out, and starts walking towards the car I’m standing next you. It was Brian Rose. I only knew because I happened to see him on a NESN interview the night before. About the time he got to his car, someone else figured out who he was and asked for an autograph. Saying he had a date, Rose declined and hopped into his car. It was weird to just see him walk out like that. Hideo Nomo, of course, made a huge splash with the Sox by throwing a no-hitter in his Red Sox debut. Juan Pena is another binkie of mine since I was at his fantastic major league debut. As for Kim? The best thing he did for the Sox is free up a spot for David Ortiz in the line-up when Shea Hillenbrand was traded away for Kim. That should count for something.

So once again, a huge thanks to Thoughts and Sox. I am always amazed at the quality of the packages he sends along.

I’m scouring your wantlist.


  1. Always glad to help out a fellow Red Sox collector. I have another stack for you already. Just waiting on you to post your 2010 wantlist so I can finish youoff all at once.

  2. Thanks a million. As good timing would have it, my 2010 list will be up tomorrow.


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