Saturday, February 27, 2010

TTM Time!

Since Spring Training is in full swing, it’s time to start requesting autographs through the mail. I’ve prepared a stack of requests to some of my favorite Red Sox. Following the recent Manny Delcarmen success, I have high hopes for this season. This year, I’m trying…
Jacoby Ellsbury. I realized that I have already tried Ellsbury. But, I didn’t realize it until after I wrote the new request. So, I’m sending it out anyway. All I need is a 50% success rate, and I’ll be good to go.
Terry Francona. He’s skippered two Red Sox teams to World Championships. He is the only manager to be 8-0 in the World series. He gives a fantastic radio interview. What’s not to like? His autograph would be fantastic.
David Ortiz. He had a rough season last year. But, he still has two rings, and a place in Red Sox lore. He would be a great addition to any Red Sox collection.
Dustin Pedroia. Maybe I should have insulted him in my letter. I bet if I said that people are saying that he is too short to respond, he’d send back 100 signatures. But, how can I not try for someone with his trophy shelf?
Jason Varitek. One of the best Red Sox players ever, and probably their best catcher. He apparently would like to keep playing in Boston. Definitely would be great to add the captain.
Kevin Youkilis. I always forget how good Youkilis is. He’s so consistent that his production isn’t newsworthy. But, a great player with a great mental approach. It would be another great thing to get returned.
So, those are the super-six requests that went out to Spring Training. As always, I’ll let you know if anything happens.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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