Friday, January 29, 2010


Wow. What a Headline. I’m sure that if you saw that linked from another blog, you rushed right over to see what I was sleeping through. It’s really this time of year when you follow a quality team like the Red Sox.

Everything is quiet. It has been quiet for quite some time. At this point, I’ve decided that the Sox will hang on to both Mike Lowell and David Ortiz into Spring Training. At this point, might as well let them play a little to show everyone else what they can do. As much as I wanted to get excited about Jeremy Hermida avoiding arbitration, I just couldn’t. So, we enter the waiting game until the start of Spring Training. (Thank goodness for the Scavenger Hunt to keep us all busy)

The problem is, even the start of Spring Training is anticlimactic. Sure, the sights of pitchers and catchers reporting signal that summer is almost here. The problem, with the Sox, is that’s it’s still only “almost.” There are no positional battles in the works. The Sox are set. I don’t think even Beltre could play poorly enough to lose his job.

Three weeks out, and we’re reduced to following other teams as they get ready for Spring Training. Will Johnny Damon sign anywhere? Is the Ben Sheets signing good for Oakland? Why did the Yankees sign Randy Winn?

Obviously, it’s probably a good thing that things are slow for the Sox right now. It’s better than the reports from the Mets. There are no surgery related screamings. We’re not getting reports of an ace pitcher finally throwing off a mound. It’s just a waiting game until the season starts, and it’s a killer.

We could debate the line-up. But, it would just be debate. Until Tito tells us what his will be, we can’t talk about all the mistakes he’s made. (For the record, I’d go with Ells- Pedroia - Martinez -Youkilis- Drew - Beltre - Ortiz - Cameron -Scutaro)

So, let’s get going. Let’s start playing. Please?

Is it April yet?


  1. what I would like to know is whether Clay is ever going to get his spot in the rotation, what are the plans for old man winter (wakefield), is Dice-K up to snuff, and how much of a role is Tek going to play this year?

  2. I'm sure Wake was "wink wink" promised a rotation spot when he signed the team-friendly contract. Dice-K is too good, and too expensive, not to start. Clay's odd man out. If he wants the spot, he needs to grab it. He hasn't done that yet. Tek will be Beckett's personal catcher, I'd imagine.


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