Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OK…Let’s see…

Anything interesting to talk about today?

It looks like the Red Sox have responded a bit to their fans. Anyone who thought the Sox got shut out at the winter meetings, and were upset about the Yankees making moves needs to reconsider their complaints. The Sox didn’t sign Boof Bonser. I guess to be fair; I don’t think they’ve technically done anything. As I write this, I have yet to see a press conference with anyone wearing a jersey. But, if we can believe reports, the Sox have had a busy week. Shall we discuss?

The big chip to fall down would be the signing of John Lackey. I can’t not like this deal. When you can add a top of the rotation guy to your team, how can it be bad? This guy was a game 1 starter for a team in last years ALCS. And, he could be the third guy in the Sox rotation? The money doesn’t appear to be all that bad either. Of course, with baseball, that’s all relative. So, it’s clear-cut. Lackey is a great addition to the Sox. Now, if you want to get into other places they can spend their money…then maybe we can talk. When you have two aces, is money better spent on a bat as opposed to a third ace? If it really was a Bay vs. Lackey choice…I probably would have gone with Bay. But, if the Sox get Lackey, and can extend Beckett, that’s going to be one heck of a rotation for a few years.
The other move is less of a slam-dunk. The Sox are apparently close to signing Mike Cameron. If this is the replacement for Jason Bay, they fell a little short. Cameron is a nice addition. He’d a fine defender. He can hit a little bit. He’s a bottom of the order guy who won’t embarrass himself. It’s just not what the Sox could have. It looks like the Sox decided that Bay wasn’t an elite player, and they weren’t about to pay him as such. I can’t complain with that. I’ve always said that there’s a difference between best, and best available. I just think that that rule applies more to teams that don’t have $150 million payrolls.

What does the future hold? Not sure. There’s that odd trade with Texas that could make the Sox down a third baseman. If that really does go through, thoughts are the Sox will sign Adrian Beltre. A pretty even swap, if you ask me. Is there still another big move out there? Maybe. Could the Sox still ship Buchholz in a deal for Miguel Cabrera? Absolutely. But, as the Sox stand now, they’re better than the Yankees are. That’s good enough for me.

Is it April Yet?


  1. Will it be Lackey vs. Halladay in Game 1 of the 2010 World Series or Beckett vs. Halladay?

    It's going to be an exciting year.

  2. Reason #36 I'm glad I'm not Tito. Both Lackey and Beckett will WANT the ball. Hopefully, Lester proves to be the best of the three, and it's a moot point. Either way, looking a lot like Sox-Phils in October.

  3. Adam_the_Yankee_FanDecember 23, 2009 at 1:14 PM

    Try CC v. whoever will loose the World Series. CC-AJ-Vasquez-Pettite-Joba/Hughes

    Now that is a real rotation!

    1-5 the best in baseball.

  4. How can it be the best 1-5 in baseball when it's not the best in its division? Vazquez drags it down quite a bit. The fact that you have him third makes me really like the Sox chances this year.

  5. Adam_the_Yankee_FanDecember 24, 2009 at 9:08 AM

    2009 STATS
    2.87 15-10 238 1.03

    Stop living in 2004 and one bad outing.

    This is the pitcher we are getting to solidify our rotation.

    I agree that the Sox rotation is strong, but at the end of the year the Yanks staff ERA will be better based on thier strength 1-6.


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