Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thank You Yankees

Yes, the worst has happened. But, as is usually the case, there is a silver lining to the disgusting result of the World Series. There are a few reasons why it might not be the end of the world as we know it.
The Yankees are the bad guys again. A few too many people had started hating the Red Sox the last few years. Winning does bring some hatred from some groups of fans. That vile is now directed back at the pinstripes where it belongs. The Red Sox were also starting to collect some of the obnoxious bandwagon jumpers the last few seasons. That section of Red Sox Nation will now, also, be dropped back on the Yankees. Baseball is better when there’s a clear villain. It had been getting a little foggy lately, but now it’s all clear again.
If the Phillies had won, they would have two championships in the decade, just like the Red Sox. With a Phillies loss, the Red Sox stranglehold on “Team of the Decade” honors is secure for at least another year.
People can stop calling Derek Jeter “Mr. November.” That annoying nickname had spring up on a technicality a few years ago because he hit a home run in a game played in November. Thanks to MLB ridiculous schedule, there were several games played in November this year. It is clear that Hideki Matsui is the real “Mr. November.” His performance in this series was much more deserving than Jeter’s fluke in 2001. So, that’s one less thing for announcers to fawn over Jeter about. Of course, I expect that they’ll come up with another one any day now.
This may bring the debate over a salary cap to the forefront again. The team that spent (by far) the most money finally won the title. The way it happened this year was even worse than usual. A team with money and high payroll misses the playoff. So, they go one a spending spree that off-season, throwing money around like it was on fire. After collecting the top three players available, they roll to a title. If that doesn’t make people sick, I don’t know what will.
Just wait until they sign Jason Bay this off-season.


  1. Adam_the_Yankee_FanNovember 6, 2009 at 11:44 AM

    I confess that sometimes I wish that I grew up in KC and was a die hard Royals fan. I am most certainly a die hard Yankee fan, and I am also a baseball fan. I do not like the disparity in the league. I think that there should be a cap, or some control. I feel somewhat cheated by the fact that my team has the highest payroll. However I am blessed to be able to enjoy baseball almost every October and November. I will never complain about my team winning. Money does take a little bit away.
    I also must say that as Sox fans you guys have nothing to cry over. The Sox have bought 2 series in the last 10 years too. The Red Sox payroll is third highest in baseball. You bought Damon, Foulke, Shilling (I know it was a trade, but there was a big extension, and it was a salary dump), Lowell(salary dump), Beckett, Pedro, Tek, Dice-K and of course 160 million dollar Manny. You had Arod in your grasp, and you paid crazy money to Lugo, Renteria, and Drew. The Royals cannot afford all of these contracts. The Sox would have won nothing if it weren't for these big signing. I know that the Yanks spend more, but the Sox spend more than 28 other teams, and yet again it sounds like hypocritical crying from a member of "Red Sox Nation". I admit that the Yanks spend too much, and I can understand how that makes KC fans upset. Red Sox fans need to admit the same, and not look to the Yanks to blame what is wrong with baseball.

  2. If you'd like to be a die-hard KC fan, I'm sure they'd let you!

    I never said that the Sox don't have a similar advantage. The Yanks have a much larger one, but the Sox have it too. And, yes, that's why the Sox could get Beckett, and dump Lugo. (Manny and Dice-K were money makers, so that's a wash.) (And, funny how NY fans are now counting trades for salary dumps against the Sox, when it was just fine to justify the championships in the 90's)

    Baseball needs a cap, like the one I've talked about before.


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