Friday, May 9, 2008

Red Sox: Where Have You Gone? - By Steve Buckley

This book gives insight into many former Red Sox players. Some
of them, everyone knows. Some may not be recognizable to their parents. Each one has a story to tell about their life, and how baseball played a role. Life after baseball treats everyone differently. Some are prepared for it, while some go kicking and screaming. Whether they were an all-star or a has-been, everyone has something to say.

I think I was a tad young to really enjoy this book. A vast majority of the players involved were from well before my time of true fandom. Which meant, if I had heard of the player, I probably already knew what they were up to. If I hadn’t heard of the player, I wasn’t really interested in that they had done with themselves. But, it was still nice to hear the stories.

I’d give this book 2 bases…and maybe just a fan interference double at that.

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