Friday, April 18, 2008

The Ortiz Curse

This continues to be my favorite story of the short season. I know it was always the Yankees and their fans that played up the whole Bambino Curse thing. They were the ones hanging pictures of the Babe instead of K's, and trotting out "May the Curse be with you" signs every chance they got. Frankly, that's why the "curse" got so much play nationally. The huge New York market just ate it up. But this still kills me. That the Yankees themselves would waste so much money digging up a shirt they said wasn't even there is great. Were they afraid that they'd lose in their new building and have the shirt to blame? Did they really not want the mysterious curse hanging over their heads, or under their feet? I'd still like to know how burying a shirt curses a team anyway. Did it have to be Ortiz? Was it sprinkled with essential oils first? Did the whole construction crew dance around the hole in their underwear chanting "Greatest Comeback in the History of Baseball" before tossing the shirt in? I just don't get it.

I do, however, like that they donated the shirt to the Jimmy fund. At least people will be helped by Yankee stupidity. If you want to bid, or gawk, check here: Ortiz Jersey

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