Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Casey as the Bat

The Red Sox finally filled out their roster by acquiring Sean Casey for their bench. This was certainly a fine signing. Casey’s a decent bat, and a great clubhouse guy. So, assuming he’s now comfortable with his back-up role, there’s nothing wrong with adding him to the team. The only issue is that there’s really nothing right with adding him either. Casey doesn’t add an extra element to the bench, which is really what the bench is for. I can’t think of a time in the game when I’ll be begging for Casey to come in. Generally, with the 25-man roster, you have four bench players. Position-wise, the Sox now have a decent spread. There’s the catcher, infielder, outfielder, and first baseman. They also have the required pinch runner options with Cora and Ellsbury/Crisp. They don’t have a power threat, unless you count Mirabelli. (which I don’t) Casey doesn’t really help you out there, as his power numbers have been dropping lately. Nor does Casey provide a glove to use for defensive reasons. Not that there’s anything wrong with his glove. It’s just that the starting first baseman is the reigning gold glove winner. Running down the line-up, there aren’t a lot of places I’d put him in as a pinch hitter. Can’t see him replacing a healthy Youk, Ortiz, Manny, Drew (another lefty), Lowell or Varitek. So, possibly hitting for Pedroia, Lugo, or Ellsbury/Crisp in a close and late situation. But even in those cases, I don’t see his chances of getting a base hit high enough to justify the position juggling that would be required.

Basically, he’s a great guy who can give Youkilis a day off here and there against a righty. And, he’s cheap enough that it’s probably OK just like that.

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