Friday, January 25, 2008

All-Time team

Not much activity to talk about, with Spring Training still a while from now. So, I thought I'd talk about a subject some friends and I were tossing around lately. Who would make up the Red Sox All-Time team? I thought I'd throw my team out there. First a couple ground rules...The Red Sox HOF requires a player play for the Sox for three years for induction. I used the same criteria here. Also, this is a Red Sox Dennis Eckersley doesn't get to be my closer. Sure, he's a Hall of Famer at that position...but none of the good years closing came with the Sox. Plus, everyone has to go in the position they're "known" for playing. No fair putting Yaz in right to get him on the team. Here it goes...

C: Carlton Fisk. Jason Varitek should pass him soon, but right now Fisk's BoSox carrer numbers are tough to ignore.

1B: Jimmy Foxx. The numbers are staggering...especially in a weak position.

2B : Bobby Doerr. A Hall of Famer. nuff said. Nobody else is even close. (Sorry Jody Reed)

3B: Wade Boggs. Sure, he wasn't a power threat, but he did everything you'd want from a top of the order guy.

SS: Nomar Garciaparra. This was a closer than I thought it'd be, but those first four or five years were other worldly.

LF: Ted Williams. If this needs back-up, you shouldn't be reading.

CF: Tris Speaker. Even after all these years, his greatness shines. Great hitter, and played the pivot on the 6-8-3 double plays.

RF: Dwight Evans. Dominated the 80's. Great all-around player...helped by the fact that neither Yaz, Rice, or Manny played right

DH: David Ortiz. At the DH, perhaps the best ever.

SP1: Pedro Martinez. Dominated like no other in baseball in his prime.

SP2: Roger Clemens. I hate to say it, but he was good. (Plus, he was apparently clean in Boston)

SP3: Cy Young. Tied with Roger in career wins and shutouts

SP4: Lefty Grove. Great numbers, and every staff needs a lefty.

SP5: Smokey Joe Wood. Check out his numbers from 1912.

CL: Dick Radatz. Pap will probably break through in a few years. And Smith, Eck, and Reardon starred with other teams. In his time, The Monster was amazing out of the pen.

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